Our Services

Why Choose M&M Development Group?

  • Our business experience is varied and expansive. We have managed and consulted to Retailers, Franchisors, Developers, Contractors, Engineers, Manufacturers, Governments, Architects, Lenders, Service Providers, and Sureties.
  • We always represents our clients in their best interest. We have no pre-arranged alliances or partnerships which could compromise our integrity. We are dedicated to expanding your business, finding you the best locations, and managing the successful completion of your projects.
  • Our CM programs are customized to each client’s needs ensuring that every project is managed, completed, and delivered exactly to their specifications.
  • M&M will then provide the exact level of coordination, reporting, and transparency your business requires and do so electronically via shared management software, video job site reports and comprehensive project financial management.
  • We get projects approved, permitted, and completed in a quick and efficient manner. We know that the sooner you're in your building, the sooner you can generate revenue.
  • We are optimistic in a strong and vital future based on resources (capital and human) and their abilities. We rely on them to assist our client's in fulfilling their corporate vision and work with them to accurately plan for a successful future.
  • M&M is selfless in its approach. We want YOU to succeed, not as a vehicle to our success. We do not tolerate businesses or individuals who take advantage of our clients.

Real Estate & Development

Land Acquisition:  We help our client identify the perfect location for their expansion needs, we closely work with the design team and jurisdictions to make sure the site meets our client's needs. We help our clients negotiate the best possible terms for the purchase

Design Development/Feasibility:  We perform feasibility steady that includes preliminary design, thorough investigations in order to make sure the site meets our clients’ needs

Entitlements:  We are experts in Entitlement Processing. We work closely with City Planning, Economic Development Department, City council and various other agencies to process entitlements on time.

Development Services:  We are a full-service development and Construction Management Company. We take projects from concept to completion. Our proven track record provides the experience needed to coordinate and deliver your projects on time and on budget. We have successfully developed projects ranging from $100,000 to over $100M.


We have mastered the delivery system for national roll-out program. From our decades of experience in development, design, finance, and operations, we’ve created a program for identifying and acquiring sites that meet your acquisition criteria.

We will acquire, design, develop and deliver the highest quality Office, Industrial, Medical, Commercial real estate projects, branded and ready for operation.

Our Development Services Include:

Planning and Acquisition

  • Site Review and Survey
  • Real estate analysis and selection
  • Due diligence
  • Lease or purchase support
  • Lending support
  • Municipal investigation and processing
  • Complete Project Management services
  • Real Estate Proformas


  • CUP- Conditional use permits
  • Design Review
  • Land use & zoning analysis
  • General Plan Amendment, Rezoning Support
  • AQMD, CEQA, Army Corps, Transportation Authorities, Flood Control Districts
  • Civil, Endangered Species, etc. etc.
  • Studies (traffic, impact, lead, asbestos, EIR, Civil, etc.)
  • City fees mitigation and negotiation

Construction Management

  • Site and master planning support
  • Design development oversight
  • Prototype design
  • Value engineering
  • Construction documents
  • Permitting and expediting
  • Develop a detailed management plan
  • Create a master schedule
  • Maintain schedule and budgets
  • Cost and document control
  • Change order management
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Cost accounting and payment
  • Operations and maintenance manuals, warranties and close out documents
  • Final project reporting and payment
  • Environmental Services

Design & Pre-Construction


With increased communication and clarity between contractors and architects, we get results fast.

Value Engineering

The value engineering process will identify areas where significant contributions can be made to reduce costs, accelerate scheduling and enhance the value of the project. We will collaborate with architects, engineers, and designers to reduce project costs for our clients.

Project Design Scheduling

By working with the architects, local jurisdictions, engineers and contractors, we design the most efficient and fast-paced schedule for the project. Not only that, we work hard to maintain the schedule.


We will assist the owner in obtaining the permits and certificates of occupancy.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services begin at Lease/Purchase negotiations, supporting our clients to assure the most favorable delivery conditions. We assist our clients in minimizing these expenses and business risks, obtaining the most advantageous handover and approval conditions.

We then work with architect and client design teams to create the perfect plans for the project. These plans are owned and controlled by our clients. We review and rewrite all details to assure our clients receive the greatest value for their money. This level of detail of preplanning and care has been invaluable to our clients and their programs.

M&M Development Group HAS perfected a System to manage Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Subs and Vendors. THE perfectly designed plans reduce the bid amount, Limit change orders and create better results for our clients

With a competitive bidding process, we invite at least 3 qualified contractors on the project which results in getting the best market price for our client. Our process is transparent in every step. We use the latest computer programs to communicate with our clients.

M&M provides a turnkey solution to our clients’ Construction Management needs. From site selection support to assisting in reimbursement of Tenant Improvement Allowances and close out M&M takes the risk out of your expansion and allows you to focus on your core business.

M&M’s construction management system has saved clients on an average 25% on any given project.

Our CM Services Includes:

  • Site Selection: Lease/Purchase negotiations and support
  • Due Diligence
  • Entitlements approvals
  • Construction Prototype Development
  • Budgeting
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Financing
  • Bidding
  • GC Selection
  • General Contractor Selection
  • Permitting
  • Construction Management and Financial Oversight
  • Tenant Improvement Allowance Reimbursement Support