About Us


Established in 2004, M&M continues to be a premier construction management firm. Our goal is to provide high quality and value at a lower cost to our clients. We believe in establishing relationships with our customers.

M&M builds a team around the client’s needs. Whether it's a development or a ground-up project, our team will be ready to complete your project on time, on budget, and handle any challenges which may arise.


Provide the best Project Management Turnkey Services with fair pricing, exceptional quality, and on-time turnovers. Helping your business reach its goals.


Offer our clients a comprehensive project delivery system which reduces the risk to the owner.

Commitment to Results

Built into our process is a streamlined endeavor which includes site acquisition, entitlements, and the design and construction process.


Our Project Management team is well versed in the construction industry and has a vast background of projects under their belts. Providing our clientele with a streamlined process and a single Project Manager who carries through the project from start to finish.

M&M offers a comprehensive construction model which eliminates confusion in the field and in the plans.

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M. "Muneer" Uddin

  • Masters of Science in Civil Engineering/Construction Mgmt (California State University - Fullerton, CA)
  • Began career in 1995 as an engineer, designing power plants and high-rise buildings
  • Project Manager for a 200 store, successfully implemented nationwide expansion buildout
  • Joined one of the premier national construction companies as a Senior Vice President/Partner (2001-2012)
  • Managed projects from design through turnkey turnover
  • Developed several shopping centers and well-known national accounts
  • Serving clients with unmatched customer service, excelling in competitive pricing, fast-track schedules, and attention to detail
  • Expertise includes: Construction Management, Government Entitlement Processing, Scheduling, Team Building, Budgeting, Project Financing, Contract Negotiating, and Business Development